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Oh. My . God. This is probably the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen in my entire life. I love how well the colours match together ...

by Askel72

The effects on the water are absolutely beautiful, it definitely has those peaceful vibes. I love the lighting, it's absolutely marvell...

It is absolutely beautiful,the colours match perfectly, the lights are glamorous. There are no words to describe how amazing this looks...

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304 Member Special! Starring: Wolfssrockssbackup by Catscratch809 304 Member Special! Starring: Wolfssrockssbackup :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 1 0 Raise a glass to three hundred memebers!!! by Catscratch809 Raise a glass to three hundred memebers!!! :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 4 12 Yay, more non cat drawings!! by Catscratch809 Yay, more non cat drawings!! :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 3 9 How To Cheer Up A Sad Creamyfrost by Catscratch809 How To Cheer Up A Sad Creamyfrost :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 2 0 Redstream by Catscratch809 Redstream :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 2 1 Badger X Theapot, the godly couple by Catscratch809 Badger X Theapot, the godly couple :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 1 3 Icicleblaze X Creamyfrost by Catscratch809 Icicleblaze X Creamyfrost :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 5 3 Bendy and The Ink Machine: Cat Bendy and Dog Boris by Catscratch809 Bendy and The Ink Machine: Cat Bendy and Dog Boris :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 5 1 ( dununununuu ) Batpelt!!! by Catscratch809 ( dununununuu ) Batpelt!!! :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 2 2 The sass family by Catscratch809 The sass family :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 4 6 Life Changing Question by Catscratch809 Life Changing Question :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 2 0 The Bossness Trio by Catscratch809 The Bossness Trio :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 6 17 Don't break Robinheart's heart by Catscratch809 Don't break Robinheart's heart :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 1 14 Mountainkit and the bros by Catscratch809 Mountainkit and the bros :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 4 4 Moonkit Oakclan application by Catscratch809 Moonkit Oakclan application :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 4 11 Happy Birthday Yinochi!!! by Catscratch809 Happy Birthday Yinochi!!! :iconcatscratch809:Catscratch809 4 4


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Finally changed my creepy profile pic :3
304 Member Special! Starring: Wolfssrockssbackup
Here it is, the glorious, the almighty WWWOOOOOOLLLLFFFFFFF!!! I wanted to add her/him/they/it into my 300 member special but my sketchbook didn't have room. So I, your Lord and savior have decided to add this Godly Pancake into our 304 member special!!!! >:3
Raise a glass to three hundred memebers!!!
WOOP WOOP!!! 300 MEMBERS!!! Never thought we'd reach that much ( though it's real frustrating how the majority of our members have never been active, I legit think atleast one of them is dead .3. ) Anyhoot! I'm glad I got the chance to meet and roleplay with all you guys, I consider all of you more of friends to me than anyone I've encountered in real life XD

Everyone, starting from top left to top right: Candy (( the beautiful chinchilla with the purple hair and white beanie. Welcome home homie, you've been gone for so long! )) Mina (( The frikin best potato in all of Narnia ever with the red- brown hair and slime tie. I've known you longer than anyone else here, thanks for dealing with my crap x3 )) Golden (( Beautiful Poodle with the orange hair and light blue jumper. Welcome to our group, make yourself at home ;3 )) Crazychorus (( I miss you, you cinnamon cake  ;-; )) Now here's the characters from bottom left to bottom right: Monster (( The yellow marshmallow piglet with the derpy koala hat. We all missed you, welcome back you gorgeous marshmallow C: )) ME, YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR >:0. Red (( The Ultimate Leader Of Our Group Of Memes, EVERYONE BOW DOWN TO THIS CUPCAKE BUNNY!!! Dude, thanks for dealing with all our dumb shit, only a true leader can be as tolerant and great as you >;3 )) Cloud (( The Maybe American Cotton Candy with the American scarf and beanie. brotha if it weren't for you I wouldn't know what Hamilton even was, now that we got 300 members we got some memes to do ;3 )) Arctic ( My Perchinia with the evil, smug grin. Perchinia... You're fucking beautiful <3 )) AND * le drum roll * Fallen (( Everyone's favourite koala who's being used as an arm rest by Arctic. Thank the Lord for having such an epic koala join our group )) WE'RE THE GOLDCLAN FAMILY AND AINT NOBODY GONNA TAKE US DOWN WITH THEIR SCAMS OR TROLLING C:<<<<
All around me are familiar memes, dank memes, really frikin stale memes ;-;
This is a Monday: OwO 

And this is my life: Kermit And His Favorite Drink 



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

1: Click on this " totally not a virus " linky
2: Pick 15 characters from any fandom, book/movie series you want ( I'm just gonna do Warrior Cats )
3: Tag a bunch of people to do this

your Lord and savior's results
1: Your mom/dad: Yellowfang
2: Your sibling: Onestar
3: Your grandpa/grandma: Darkstripe
Oh dear god no
4: Haunts you: Tallstar
Ide probably hug him if I saw him rather than run away screaming.
5: Your boyfriend:girlfriend: Tigerstar
6: Your ex: Leafpool
7: Your best friend: Crowfeather
Ey Crowfeather, how about I hook you up with my ex? It'll ruin your life but it'll get a bunch more books for the series. :D
8: Proposed to you: Scourge
Scourge is over-rated. Sure he had a bad past and all but now he's just a cold hearted killer. I'de probably run away cuz he'd probably kill me if I refused.
9: Your boss: Greystripe
10: The random person you met at a bar: Bluestar
Drink away your sorrows, as they say.
11: Your rival: Longtail
Ey, let's have a truce and talk about how lazy Mousefur is.
12: Gave you your first kiss: Ashfur
13: Drunk and singing karaoke with: Spottedleaf
As long as she doesn't sing about Firestar ( aka some random dude she only knew for a few months but fell in love with for some reason ) all day then I'm good.
14: Played 7 minutes in heaven with: Squirrelflight
15: Gave you your first dessert: Firestar
I don't want non of that dead mouse junk BRUH



Catscratch809's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hi , I'm Cat . Ever since I was young I had a huge imagination , now that I'm older I want to show my art and ideas to everyone ^w^
I absolutely love drawing and wanna be able to animate when I get older, I draw atleast two drawings a day. :3


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